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SubjectBug warning in skbuff.c
Hi all.

(n.b. linux-2.4.10)

I am working on a new type of network at Cambridge University, and am writing a
linux kernel driver for the NIC we've built. I get the following in
/var/log/messages once per packet:

Oct 16 12:27:42 cerealkiller kernel: Warning: kfree_skb on hard IRQ c300c6d0

because I am calling dev_kfree_skb from a hard IRQ for every outgoing packet
(the TX-complete interrupt).

I know that I can (and perhaps should) do as much as possible in a bottom half
tasklet, however right now this is all experimental and "inconsiderate" code.

What I want to know is - is the use of kfree_skb on a hard IRQ actually that
evil? Is the "bug" just to remind me to be considerate, or is it to point out
real problems that might occur (e.g. in OOM cases?)


PS Please mail me explicitly (Im not on linux-kernel). Thanks for your help.
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