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SubjectRe: 2.0.39 kernel release history

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Oliver Xymoron wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Riley Williams wrote:
> > ...between the 0.99.12a and 0.99.14 kernel releases. I suspect both that
> > there were other kernels in each of the three gaps shown above, but have
> > been unable to find any reliable information regarding them. Personally,
> > I would anticipate full alphabets for both the 0.99.12 and 0.99.13
> > subseries as occurs with the 0.99.14 subseries, but can't prove it.
> I distinctly remember running a 0.99.13j for quite a while. I believe it
> was the stock kernel in an early Slackware.
At those times i was still using, I think, SLS. (I was 19, please, I do
not have so good memory). But yes, there was a lot of 0.99.13X kernels.
I do remember also there was a lot of anxiwety about 1.0.0, maybe even
more anxiety in front of what happened for 2.4.0.


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