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    SubjectRe: VM

    On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Rik van Riel wrote:

    > On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, David Lang wrote:
    > > when 2.4 works it is FAR better then 2.2 and it has features not
    > > available on 2.2, but with the Rik VM (versions that were in the linus
    > > kernels up through 2.4.9) it has not reliably worked.
    > Note that Linus hasn't been up to date on my VM since
    > about 2.4.5. And before you blame me for not sending
    > patches, I did send them but Linus didn't apply them
    > for unknown reasons.
    2.4.5 had a little showstopper problem with iommu, and so my old E 3500
    was really suffering with it.
    As you know, VM performances are not the first priority for some servers,
    while they are for desktops and for servers used for computational
    simulations. But right now, definitelly, we are not at the point we copuld
    care of 5% faster or slower. What we do care right now is to have a VM
    that works for the jobs we need to be done. Belive me, that is a good
    thing, and this also explain why people write that the VM is great, and
    other that the VM is a disaster.

    Sometimes I do not understand Linus decisions, but history showed he is
    Linus and I am a simple Sysadmin who trys to give his contrib.

    I am not arguing your VM was overdesigned, and to be honest I simply do
    not think so.

    One thing that should be took in account is that your VM
    in ac tree before 2.4.9acX was behaving better on sparc64 than x86
    processors. Belive me i stressed a ultra5 (400 Mhz sparc64 processor 512
    Megabyte of RAM) with a 2.4.8ac(not remember exactly) kernel, and it was
    stable under a very high load.
    A mutch faster Athlon 1000 Mhz, with same amount of faster memory, and
    same UDMA66 disk, showed a suffering VM even not being equally
    maybe your approach was better working on this kind of architecture. (I am
    sorry I could not test some mips).
    On the other side your VM has some behavious that remembers me of my old
    AIX times :). (you know I tend to be a bit nostalgic).

    On the other side, AA VM (2.4.13-pre3aa1) is exactly what I need on my
    webservers. You VM is more effective on a higly stressed server running
    hundreds of eavty and memory intensive simulations on it (and also in
    this case, I do not care it to be the fastest, but it has to be adle to
    bring simulations to work properly).

    That brings me to the point I made in my previous post.

    If you remember the oops I sended you a lot of months ago with 2.4.3,
    it was related to a server that had not to be fast, but had to reach years
    of uptime.

    When i think to desktops, I change my mind, they have to be as faster as

    Linux does work on any kind of CPU, from a domain on SUN E 10000, to a 386
    sx 25Mhz, and potentially it can be used for everything. This brings a
    critical complexity to the VM, and this makes development difficoult.
    This is a situation we must deal with.


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