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SubjectRe: 2.0.39 kernel release history
Hi Oliver.

>> ...between the 0.99.12a and 0.99.14 kernel releases. I suspect
>> both that there were other kernels in each of the three gaps
>> shown above, but have been unable to find any reliable
>> information regarding them. Personally, I would anticipate full
>> alphabets for both the 0.99.12 and 0.99.13 subseries as occurs
>> with the 0.99.14 subseries, but can't prove it.

> I distinctly remember running a 0.99.13j for quite a while. I
> believe it was the stock kernel in an early Slackware.

That confirms my guess, but unfortunately, the only remaining 0.99.13
kernels are 0.99.13 itself and 0.99.13k - I've never managed to track
down any of the other members of that series.

Likewise, 0.99.12 and 0.99.12a exist, then there's a big time gap to
0.99.13 with nothing in between still existing as far as I can

Best wishes from Riley.

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