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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] FUSD v1.00: Framework for User-Space Devices
Pavel Machek wrote:
> > Additionally you still don't need a FUSD driver for that case. All
> > you need is to have is a ptty. Because that is what modem drivers
> > are now. And the ptty route has binary and source compatiblity
> > to multiple unix platforms.
> I do not think tty/pty pair does cut it for AT emulation. Can you
> really emulate all neccessary features using pty/tty?

Perhaps. Terminal modes & speeds & special lines and so on set on the
tty side can be seen on the pty side, although I think the pty is not
notified immediately so it has to poll if it wants to detect terminal
programs sending a BREAK signal and things like that.

I had a look at this about a year ago. I remember that a couple of
small changes to the pty/tty layer would have been very handy to improve
the quality of serial port emulation, and that might be the thing to do.

-- Jamie
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