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    SubjectRE: USB stability - possibly printer related
    I will have to reboot to find this out.  However, it was the latest
    available a couple months ago when I bought the drive, and found out the
    normal BIOS for the regular IDE controllers hung the computer when it hit
    the 40GB drive during boot.

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    Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 2:03 AM
    To: Kevin Krieser;
    Subject: Re: USB stability - possibly printer related


    > I know I've attempted to use the same IBM hard drive on the HPT366
    > controller with little success. I got hangups until I moved it back to
    > secondary IDE controller.

    There was a BIOS update targeting problems with the newer IBM drives
    on the 366 - what HPT BIOS did give you problems?

    > One thing I have noticed is that, with the 2.4 kernels, my system doesn't
    > like sharing IRQs as well as the 2.2 kernels. So you may want to see what
    > devices share interrupts with your USB controller, and move the cards if
    > necessary.

    Thanks for a tip - I'll try it. Hopefully the two are not USB and HPT :-S


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