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SubjectRe: network device driver
On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Mehta, Phoram Kirtikumar (UMKC-Student) wrote:

> 1. how does ifconfig and netstat get teh net statistics, where can i get
> the source to that funtion or source file.

They are from /proc/net/.

> 2. is there any funtion in the network device driver source by accessing
> which i can get the packets received or the type of packets. if not can
> anybody gimme some tips on how can i write it.

You can use a packet filter.

> i am trying to write or modify the eth device driver(3c509.c) in such a
> way that i can statistics of the traffic and then i also want to
> identify teh traffic. in short i want to incorporate a function in my
> driver which when acceseed would act as a sniffer/protocol analyzer .
> any help or advise will be appreciated.

Do it in userspace with packet filters. Look at tcpdump for example


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