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Subject2.4.12, Dell i8100 hangs when unpluggin power
Hello everyone,

I've been running 2.4.10 and 2.4.12 on my new Dell inspiron 8100, both of
which seems to hang as soon as I unplug the power coord, or close the lid.

This problem is even without running X11 at all. Or when removing Power
Managment from the kernel and/or disabeling it in the bios.

I found a previous message on the kernel mailing list which seems to be
the same bug, I will include it here (I personaly haven't tried 2.4.5 yet):

Georg Nikodym wrote:
> I've been running 2.4.5 on my new Dell I8000 without too many
> problems. Last night I built -ac13 (on my porch) and booted it
> without incident. Later, going inside and re-connecting the AC I
> notice that the thing's hung. I play around a bit and discover that
> the act of plugging or unplugging the power cord will hang the box.
> This lead me to disable all power manglement in the BIOS. No joy.
> This problem does not exist using straight 2.4.5.
> Has anybody else seen this? Any debugging suggestions? Or stated
> differently, has anybody with this machine arrived at a configuration
> that avoids weirdness in the power management framework?
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