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SubjectAPM trouble
Hi !

I have a trouble with apmd. I have Red Hat Linux 7.1. My laptop is Pentium3, 32MB RAM, ATI Rage, (if You need more information please let me know). I wanted to recompile my kernel to add some USB devices.
My usb devices work properly on my new kernel, but system hangs when apmd is starting. I have configured apm in many diferrent ways, but always I have the same problem. There is no such problem when I use kernel that is made after Linux installation as a "workstation", so Im sure that apmd can work properly on my computer. Also when I install Lin uxas "laptop" or "custom system" system hangs when apmd is starting.
Do You knoiw what schould I do? Perhaps You know kernel configurations for "workstation", "laptop", and "custom system". I think it would help me.

Thank You for all answers.

Kamil Kompa

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