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Subjectmount hanging 2.4.12

With kernel 2.4.12 I am having problems with mount hanging.

oscar% mount /fuji
oscar% cd /fuji
oscar% ls
oscar% cd
oscar% umount /fuji
oscar% mount /fuji
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,
or too many mounted file systems
oscar% mount /fuji

and ps shows

oscar% ps -efl | grep mount
100 D root 876 793 0 69 0 - 368 down 19:28 pts/1 00:00:00 mount /fuji
000 S ed 943 886 0 71 0 - 341 pipe_w 19:31 pts/2 00:00:00 grep mount

With 2.4.10 and below I would get the wrong fs message too. The next mount would
work. One interesting thing. The second mount will work if the media has not

mount /fuji
umount /fuji
mount /fuji

will work but

mount /fuji
umount /fuji
<change media>
mount /fuji


kern.log shows:

Oct 13 19:28:31 oscar kernel: usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 2, frame# 1147
Oct 13 19:28:31 oscar kernel: I/O error: dev 08:01, sector 0
Oct 13 19:28:31 oscar kernel: FAT: unable to read boot sector
Oct 13 19:28:31 oscar kernel: VFS: Disk change detected on device sd(8,1)
Oct 13 19:28:31 oscar kernel: SCSI device sda: 131072 512-byte hdwr sectors (67 MB)
Oct 13 19:28:31 oscar kernel: sda: Write Protect is on
Oct 13 19:28:31 oscar kernel: sda: sda1

The device is a usb smartmedia reader using the sddr-09 support.

Ed Tomlinson

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