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SubjectRe: Announce: many virtual servers on a single box

> -I have also modified the capability system a little, so those virtual server
> administrators can't take over the machine. I have introduced a per-process
> capability ceiling, inherited by sub-process. Even setuid program can't grab
> more capabilities..

Really? What hardware do they see in /dev/? Do their servers have for
example mouse? What about ethernet cards?

Does /proc/kmem work in virtual servers?

[Why I'm asking? I'm trying to find ways to take over the machine. Do
you want to give me root on your machine stating that I can't

You might want to announce this on bugtraq. [And give solar designer
root account, he might be more creative ;)].

STOP THE WAR! Someone killed innocent Americans. That does not give
U.S. right to kill people in Afganistan.

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