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SubjectRe: linmodems (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] FUSD v1.00: Framework for User-Space Devices)

> My best guess for a Linux winmodem solution for Linux is three pieces:
> The existing Lucent (and other) hardware work (by Pavel/Richard/Jamie/others?)
> Rogier Wolff's user space serial driver code, and
> A work called "modem" by a now-deceased scientist at SGI(IIRC). Alan
> pointed me to the last piece. 'modem' handles up to 14.4k speed, and
> supports some error correcting protocols we all remember from the BBS
> days.
> Just need someone to glue those pieces together... and you have a
> winmodem driver with the proper portions in userspace, and the proper
> portions in kernel space.

One of students here was/is working on the glue; it is non-trivial as
'modem' is obfuscated with coroutines.
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