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SubjectRe: IDE Hot-Swap, does it work?, Conspiracy is afoot!
I've done this with my IDE cdrom in my laptop.  It's hot swappable and I
asked about this at one time. In the source package for hdparm (i know it's
in the debian's source package) there's a script for hot add/remove of ide
devices. there's a nice warning attached about ide hotswap

> Ok, I have played with this a bit since I have recieved no
> real respose other than one other person having the same
> question, here is what I have found out...
> I have a piece of hardware that does have hot-swap IDE
> chassis on it, so atleast the IDE bus xcvers should be
> able to handle the swapping, as the connection to the
> drive is disabled before the can comes all the way out
> of the slot.
> - I can remove a drive while the system is on and I have
> a software raid 5 on the 4 drives, everything is ok
> after about 2 minutes the system recovers and the software
> raid fails the drive I removed. This makes sense.
> - After a few minutes I replace the drive I had just failed
> by removing it, and I try to readd it to the system via
> raidhotadd. One of 2 things happens in this instance,
> depending on what kernel I have loaded.
> - If I have kernel 2.4.2-2 loaded (a stock redhat 7.1
> kernel), the drive reappears, and can be added back
> to the raid (and is added back).
> - If I am running kernel 2.4.10 or any later (AC or non)
> the machine fails to ever be able to read from the disk
> again. I cannot readd the disk to the arry, nor can I
> fdisk it (or access it in any other way).
> - None of this solves the adding of a drive to the system
> where there was none before boot... I tried the hdparm -R
> stuff but its useless and hangs my box no matter what I give
> it as paramaters. This of course may be because I do not
> know how to use it very well...
> If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I am
> really beginning to believe that IDE will never be as capable
> as SCSI in this reguard, atleast not in linux, espically as
> any (even if it was broken) support that used to be in the
> kernel has disappeared. Please someone convince me otherwise!
> Atleast point me in the correct direction as to what in the
> kernel would have to be changed to make this work...
> Thanks,
> Mike
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