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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.12-ac1
Rui Sousa wrote:
> Looking at your original e-mail I see there is something else wrong:
> you should have by default OGAIN and DIGITAL1 volume controls.
> Are you loading the modules and only then starting the mixer application?
> Exiting/restarting the mixer doesn't change anything?

Actually I'm not using any sound modules, but have a monolithic kernel.
But I just discovered that the emu10k1 driver is not the culprit here.

[So we can take the discussion to emu10k1-devel and drop lkml]

The problem is interaction with emu-tools-0.9.2. The following boot script
was used to setup the DSP (and worked with previous sound drivers).

If you find something wrong with it, please let me know.


# We want ADC mode
/usr/local/bin/emu-config -s"ADC"

# Disable/Clear
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -x -z

# CPU -> Front & Rear Speakers
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -a"Pcm:Front"
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -a"Pcm:Rear"
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -a"Pcm1:Front"
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -a"Pcm1:Rear"

# Boost PCM
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -p"Amplifier" -l"Pcm" -l"Pcm1" -f/usr/local/share/emu10k1/gain_4.bin

# Mic/Line/CD -> CPU
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -a"Analog:ADC Rec"

# Bass/Treble Controls
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -p"Bass/Treble-L" -l"Front L" -f/usr/local/share/emu10k1/tone-old.bin -cbass -mbass -ctreble -mtreble
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -p"Bass/Treble-R" -l"Front R" -f/usr/local/share/emu10k1/tone-old.bin -cbass -mbass -ctreble -mtreble

# Enable
/usr/local/bin/emu-dspmgr -y
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