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SubjectRe: Oops on removing via-rhine [2.4.10-ac11]
On Thu, 11 Oct 2001 14:09:43 -0700, 
Andrew Over <> wrote:
>This oops is reasonably easy to reproduce (reinsert and remove
>via-rhine enough times and it happens)
>>>EIP; c0129840 <__free_pages_ok+10/1c0> <=====
>Trace; c01acd3e <pci_release_regions+6e/80>
>Trace; c0129f1a <__free_pages+1a/20>
>Trace; c0129f44 <free_pages+24/30>
>Trace; c010b6bc <pci_free_consistent+1c/20>
>Trace; e08fdbaa <_end+2066e636/20670a8c>
>Trace; e08fe860 <_end+2066f2ec/20670a8c>
>Trace; c01ad01e <pci_unregister_driver+3e/60>
>Trace; e08fdc0a <_end+2066e696/20670a8c>
>Trace; e08fe860 <_end+2066f2ec/20670a8c>

Oops in module delete may not get the symbol tables for the deleted
module if they have already been removed from /proc/ksyms. I suggest
you create /var/log/ksymoops, man insmod. Then insmod and rmmod will
save the symbol tables after each module load or unload, you can point
ksymoops at the saved symbols from before the failing rmmod. That will
give a better ksymoops decode.

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