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SubjectRe: Tainted Modules Help Notices
Date said:
> If somebody uses a different string, their license is not GPL.

We do not care if they use a licence which is not GPL. We only care if they
use a licence which is not GPL-compatible.

> To triage bug reports. Any bug report against a tainted kernel is
> almost certain to be bounced with "your kernel contains code that we
> do not have the source for, send this bug report to the company that
> maintains the non-GPL code".

In the case which started this thread, the non-GPL code in question was part
of the kernel source tree, and we _do_ have the source for it. It was the
BSD-licensed PPP compression code.

You seem to have claimed that this is not a bug, but that it's intentional.
Are you therefore going to make changes to the build system so that the
static kernel image will boot up marked as tainted if CONFIG_PPP_BSDCOMP=y?


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