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SubjectJoystick problems with 2.4.12, patch
I have a 2 axis 6 button analog (ns558) gamepad. With 2.4.7,
everything is fine, as long as I pass js=gamepad, it detects the 2
axis and 6 buttons.

With 2.4.12, with js=gamepad, the kernel message SAYS it detects 2
axis and 6 buttons, however when I use it (for example, with the jstest
program), the two axis and buttons 4/5 don't register. The first four
(0-3) buttons are fine. If I reboot to 2.4.7 they all are fine, so it
is software.

I've also tried it with the bitfield method... I came up with 12531
decimal, which also says it detects 2 axis and 6 buttons, but same
effect, the axis and last two buttons don't work. Tried compiling it
in to the kernel, and as modules, no help. Tried js=auto, which thinks
the pad is 4 axis 4 buttons... none of the 4 axis work, but the 4
buttons do. With 2.4.7 and autodetect, it also thought there were 4
axis/4 buttons, but the first two axis worked fine, and the second two
were affected by the last two buttons. Also tried js=gamepad8 and
js=2btn, neither got the axis working.

Also, please check this patch in, or something similar.
I've installed four 2.4 kernels, and *all* four on the first try I've
left out INPUT_JOYDEV because it says it's only for USB.

--- Thu Oct 11 14:32:58 2001
+++ Thu Oct 11 14:39:16 2001
@@ -11172,6 +11172,9 @@
Say Y here if you want to enable any of the USB HID options in the
USB support section which require Input core support.

+ This is also required for joysticks and gamepads which use classic
+ ISA (and serial? PCI?) gameports.
Otherwise, say N.

Keyboard support
@@ -11215,8 +11218,8 @@

Joystick support
- Say Y here if you want your USB HID joystick or gamepad to be
- accessible as char device 13:0+ - /dev/input/jsX device.
+ Say Y here if you want your joystick or gamepad to be accessible
+ as char device 13:0+ - /dev/input/jsX device.

This driver is also available as a module ( = code which can be
inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you want).

Cc me on replies, thanks.

Jeremy M. Dolan <> <>
PGP: 1024D/DC433DEE 494C 7A6E 19FB 026A 1F52 E0D5 5C5D 6228 DC43 3DEE
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