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SubjectRe: DMA problem (?) w/2.4.6-xfs and ServerWorks OSB4 Chipset

Steven C. Timm (630) 840-8525
Fermilab Computing Division/Operating Systems Support
Scientific Computing Support Group--Computing Farms Operations

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Mark Hahn wrote:

> > We began with a system with a Seagate system drive (master, ide0), same
> > model as in Marvin's post.. IDE cd rom
> > as slave on the ide0 bus, and two IBM data drives on the ide1 bus.
> ...
> > whenever it does happen. It is wrong to think this problem happens
> > only with Seagate drives.
> indeed, it seems that the most common trigger for this problem
> is simply putting two devices from different vendors on the same channel.
> Seagate drives are fairly notorious for not getting along with others.
> it's best to think of IDE as a point-to-point link.

True... however, we were still able to reproduce these problems
with only one drive on the bus.


> regards, mark hahn.

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