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SubjectNetwork Interface bonding and ARP

I have the following question on the interaction between
bonding/etherchannel (bonding.c)
and the ARP cache.

1. Assume Machine B has N bonded Ethernet cards ( all of the them have the
same IP address ).
Example Scenario : Etherchannel/trunking/bonding.

In this case, supposing a machine A does an ARP request for B, will it get
the MAC addresses of the N cards.

Does the ARP cache store all the mappings.

2. If not, from what I understand, while doing certain types of scheduling
(like Round Robin
implemented in bonding.c), we will need to send packets to the same
in a round robin manner - first packet on first card, second on second and
so on.

If the ARP cache stores only one MAC to IP mapping, we cannot send the
over the second card as the second card on the destination (machine B) will
not receive
packets destined to first card (on machine B) because it is typically not in
promiscuous mode.

How is this handled?

Kindly CC the replies to my account.


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