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SubjectProblem. gcc-3.0.1 kernel 2.4.10-ac1 ; JVM


I just want to report this, but I am not sure it is
because of the kernel or gcc-3.0.1. Anyway it is
related to the kernel so I think it may be usefull.

Compile 2.4.10-ac1 with gcc-3.0.1 if I use
-fno-strength-reduce -O3 ; the kernel made nerver
boots (hang just after loading the kernel).

If change to -O2 it works as normal. ( significant
faster than the same one made with 2.95.3 ) EXCEPT JVM
doesn't want to work. I run LimeWire (java program)
and only one time it gives the error I attached below.
Thought it might be libc problem, I recompiled libc
with gcc-3.0.x ; reboot. This time it even does not
produce error message. The system quickly reboots
itself. (of course without unmounting all file
system). Not any informative error message.

So I use floppy set, remove the lib one, install the
old one. This time, no thing changes.

Finally I use gcc 2.95.3 to make the kernel. It is

The kernel I mention here is 2.4.10-ac1 with preempt
patch, but the symptom persists without the preempt
patch as well.

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