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SubjectStrange behavior of kernel 2.4.10 & APM problems.
Hello there,
Not a while ago I have upgraded from Kernel 2.4.9 to 2.4.10 and I noticed 2
strange things:
After I am done with the compilation and I am setting my lilo to load the
new kernel, and then I am booting the machine
my machine gets stuck at boot time (before the init gets into action). this
problem does NOT happen once I reboot the machine again and the kernel
loads up straight with no problems, I then had to change a few things in
the kernel's configuration (Tried playing with the APM a bit to see how
come it's not working for me (I'll get to the apm issue soon...)) and I
noticed that again - My machine gets stucked at boot time. Another reboot
and that's it - works like a charm...
I played with it some more and I found out this:
Every fresh kernel I am running for the first time gets my machine freeze,
after another boot everything is working well.
Please tell me what other information you need - I'll supply it (Please cc
to me as well and not just the mailing list since I am not registered in
the majordomo due to a serious bandwidth problems...)

Another issue is an APM problem on my Dell Latitude C600 laptop (The same
machine with the 2.4.10 boot problems... which runs slack8 b.t.w.)
I can't suspend it, it gives a note stating "apm: Resource temporarily
I've attached an strace of the command and my kernel configuration.

Thanks in advance.


Gil Disatnik
UNIX system/security administrator@netish inc.

"Windows NT has detected mouse movement, you MUST restart
your computer before the new settings will take effect, [ OK ]"
Windows is a 32 bit patch to a 16 bit GUI based on a 8 bit operating
system, written for a 4 bit processor by a 2 bit company which can
not stand 1 bit of competition.

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