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SubjectRe: [patch] netconsole-2.4.10-B1

On 30 Sep 2001, Marcus Sundberg wrote:

> > sorry :-) definitions of netconsole-terms:
> >
> > 'server': the host that is the source of the messages. Ie. the box that
> > runs the netconsole.o module. It serves log messages to the
> > client.
> >
> > 'client': the host that receives the messages. This box is running the
> > netconsole-client.c program.
> Then I guess you consider Mozilla to be a http-server, as it serves
> http-requests to http-clients like Apache? ;)

no. Mozilla is a http-client, it sends requests to the Apache http-server
and it receives content produced by the server.

the netconsole-module box is a log-server that sends messages to the
log-client, which log content is produced by the netconsole-module box.
(right now it gets not requests from the client, but it will so in the

(and yes, occasionally Mozilla is the content server, think cookies ...)


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