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On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Evan Harris wrote:

> md0 : active raid5 sde1[6] sdi1[5] sdh1[4] sdg1[3] sdf1[2] sdd1[0]
> 179203840 blocks level 5, 256k chunk, algorithm 0 [6/5] [U_UUUU]
> [=>...................] recovery = 8.4% (3023688/35840768)
> finish=88.9min speed=6148K/sec
> Now, my question is: the hotadd seems to have reordered the disks, so when
> the rebuild is completed, do I need to reorder my raidtab to reflect this?
> Like this?

Once the resync has completed the hotadded disk will drop into its slot.
Ie there is no need to change the numbers in /etc/raidtab, they wil be
correct once the array has recovered.

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