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SubjectRe: linux-kernel-announce?
On Monday 01 October 2001 14:09, Kent Borg wrote:
> To find out about new kernels I suggest two techniques.
> Low Time Requirement: Go to Linux Weekly News <> at the
> end of every week. They do a good summary of what is up in kernel
> efforts.
> Large Time Requirement: Read the kernel mailing list. Even if you
> miss an announcement by Linus or Alan or Andrea et al, you will see
> others making postings about every significant kernel.

Intermediate time requirement: go to, do an "advanced
search" for author "". (Google bought the corpse of
deja news a few months back, that's where it went. Unfortunately the
linux-kernel list is fed in there at least twice under different names, so
you may want to limit the search to just one of the groups.)

Unfortunately the best thing you can say about google's list
threading/reading facilities is that they aren't as bad as they used to be... also tends to cover most of the linus and alan kernel
releases, too...

And to find out information beyond the mere EXISTENCE of new kernel releases,
there's always :)

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