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SubjectRe: 2.4.0 bug in SHM an via-rhine or is it my fault?
On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 02:50:06PM +0100, Felix Maibaum wrote:
> I'm using a via-rhine chip (DFE-530TX) on a 10 Mbit network, I use 2.4.0
> final, Athlon (classic) 1Gig, Abit-KA7 mobo (via KX133), Debian woody.
> whenever I try to get a file on my local network, meaning I get close to
> the 10Mbit barrier the network card hangs up. Traffic just stops.
> One ifdown/ifup and everything works fine again. (for about 10 seconds)
> this problem has persisted for some time now, I thought it would be
> fixed in the final, but, alas, it hasn't. It only happens during high
> traffic, too, at about 400k, no problem!

I just put a DFE-530TX in an AMD Duron/256MB system yesterday, which
had been working fine with a DE-530 (de4x5.o) on a 10/100 MB switched
network. I booted up the system with the new card, and noticed
similar weirdness:

NFS from the client system (Duron - 2.4.0-ac4), hangs almost
immediately when trying to contact a 2.2.18 NFS server. I get "nfs
can't get task slot" errors, and "NFS server not
responding", especially after doing a "dd if=/dev/zero
of=/home/user/nfstest bs=16k count=4096". After checking, the file
/home/user/nfstest is 8192 bytes big. The client mount is a default
NFS mount, with no rsize/wsize parameters.

I then replaced the DE-530 and tried the exact same scenario as above,
and it works fine.

The other strangeness is that while the client complains about the NFS
server having disappeared, I can ping it from the same client,
transfer files using scp, and still get to the internet fine. So the
card is still working, but never receives a response to any NFS
traffic until a reboot. Other machines on the network can NFS mount
from the server without problems as well.

Anyone have any ideas?

Adrian Chung
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