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SubjectRe: FS callback routines
Jesse Pollard wrote:
> Daniel Phillips <>:
> > This may be the most significant new feature in 2.4.0, as it allows us
> > to take a fundamentally different approach to many different problems.
> > Three that come to mind: mail (get your mail instantly without polling);
> > make (don't rely on timestamps to know when rebuilding is needed, don't
> > scan huge directory trees on each build); locate (reindex only those
> > directories that have changed, keep index database current). As you
> > noticed, there are many others.
> > ...
> It would also be very nice if the security of the feature could be
> confirmed. The problem with SGI's implementation is that it becomes
> possible to monitor files that you don't own, don't have access to,
> or are not permitted to know even exist.

To receive notification about events in a given directory you have to be
able to open it. Is this adequate for your needs?

> For these reasons, we have disabled the feature.

It's nice to have that option, isn't it? ;-)

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