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SubjectRe: Failure building 2.4 while running 2.4. Success in building 2.4 while running 2.2.
> I have RedHat7, glibc-2.2-9, gcc-2.96-69.


> If I try to rebuild 2.4.0 while running the new kernel, I get random
> compiler errors.

Now I don't. What hardware are you using ?

> It happens on two machines. One of them runs 2.4.0-test12, the other
> 2.4.0. Both of them with the updates above mentioned.

What hardware what errors ?

> I know this is a RedHat issue, but it may be useful to know for some.

It may well be compiler optimisation where the new gcc is optimising out
something someone forgot in a driver or miscompiling a specific driver.
One good way to test if its compiler or kernel triggered would be to rebuild
2.4.0 with egcs (aka kgcc).

I'd like to know what drivers you are running so I can try and duplicate it

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