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    SubjectRe: Anybody got 2.4.0 running on a 386 ?
    Hi Rob,

    Just out of curiosity, did you use a 2.2 series
    .config file and then run make oldconfig or did
    you build a new .config file from scratch?

    I have periodically built kernels that crashed
    immediately at the point you mention. Usually this
    was due to me choose configuration options that
    were incompatible with my machine's hardware.

    Another time, the machine wouldn't boot because
    I needed a new version of LILO. I also have seen
    at least one machine where I needed to specify
    "linear" as one of the options in lilo.conf.
    If you aren't specifying "linear" now, give it
    a try.

    IIRC, here's my litany of goofed configurations:

    Building support for multiple framebuffer
    devices. Apparently, the kernel would
    hang in the chip detection process.

    Wrong CPU architecture.

    Wrong IDE chipset specified.

    Built EXT2 as a module, but / was on
    an EXT2 partition.

    I may have hit some other bogus configurations
    over the last two years, but these are ones that
    come to mind.


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