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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cramfs is ro only, so honour this in inode->mode
"Albert D. Cahalan" <> writes:

> Shane Nay writes:
> > but the bits are useless in the "normal interpretation" of it,
> ...
> > But then you pull out the write bits,
> If you need to steal a bit, grab one that won't hurt.
> Take the owner's read bit. (owner may read own files)


bash-2.03$ cd /tmp
bash-2.03$ cat >foo
This is a test.
bash-2.03$ chmod u-r foo
bash-2.03$ cat foo
cat: foo: Permission denied
bash-2.03$ ls -l foo
--w-r--r-- 1 doug doug 16 Jan 9 09:16 foo

This is Linux 2.4.0.

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