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SubjectRe: wild gettimeofday on smp under 2.2.18
"Alan Cox wrote:"
> Doesnt seem very wild to me, but something did go back 3uS which would imply
> the CPU tsc's are not synched. 2.2 doesnt like that, Boot with 'notsc' and
> repeat the experiment

No change with that, as you already know. But I just noticed that the
ekernel was compiled for i386. I've recompiled 2.2.18 for i686, and
this comes out of the boot messages:

checking TSC synchronization across CPUs:
BIOS BUG: CPU#0 improperly initialized, has 2045320 usecs TSC skew! FIXED.
BIOS BUG: CPU#1 improperly initialized, has -2045320 usecs TSC skew! FIXED.
PCI: PCI BIOS revision 2.10 entry at 0xf0730

This is the ASUS BX dual board with onboard scsi.

But the FIXED above doesn't seem to be true. I still get results like
those below from gettimeofday calls every five seconds. Clearly two
mixed sequences ..

978042124 !
978042135 *
978042134 !
978042139 !
978042144 !
978042149 !
978042158 *
978042159 !
978042164 !
978042169 !

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