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SubjectRe: Anybody got 2.4.0 running on a 386 ?
On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Robert Kaiser wrote:

> I have put a "halting statement" (i.e. "while(1);") after my printouts
> to make sure execution does not go any further than that point. I
> moved this halting statement ahead in the code line by line until the
> crash would occur again. So, yes, I am pretty sure.

Here's a tip for anyone who has to track down bugs of this nature. To
greatly speed up work, just use a binary search technique. That is, go to
the section of code that's causing problem, put a breakpoint or similiar
half-way. If it dies before that point, move it back half way, after that
point, move it forwards half way. Iterate until you find the place.

If PacMan had affected us as kids we'd be running around in
dark rooms, munching pills and listening to electronic music.

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