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SubjectRe: [Announcement] linux-kernel v2.0.39
On Wed, 10 Jan 2001 10:27:44 +1100, 
Eyal Lebedinsky <> wrote:
>My 'make dep' fails in the following way. This is on Debian 2.2, I
>if [ -n "amigamouse.c atarimouse.c atixlmouse.c baycom.c busmouse.c
>cd1865.h conmakehash.c console.c console_struct.h consolemap.c
>consolemap.h cyclades.c defkeymap.c diacr.h digi.h digi_bios.h
>digi_fep.h fbmem.c fep.h h8.c h8.h isicom.c istallion.c kbd_kern.h
>keyb_m68k.c keyboard.c lp.c lp_intern.c lp_m68k.c mem.c misc.c
>msbusmouse.c n_tty.c pcwd.c pcxx.c pcxx.h psaux.c pty.c random.c
>riscom8.c riscom8.h riscom8_reg.h rtc.c scc.c selection.c selection.h
>serial.c softdog.c specialix.c specialix_io8.h stallion.c tga.c
>tpqic02.c tty_io.c tty_ioctl.c vc_screen.c vesa_blank.c vga.c vt.c
>vt_kern.h wd501p.h wdt.c" ]; then \
>/usr/local/src/linux/scripts/mkdep *.[chS] > .depend; fi
>make[2]: *** [fastdep] Error 135

135 == 128+7 => E2BIG (Arg list too long). What does
ls -l /usr/local/src/linux/drivers/char/*.[chS] | wc
report? And which kernel/libc are you compiling on?

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