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SubjectRe: [eepro100] ...
>You could try the Intel driver (e100.c), which is downloadable from their 
>website. It apparently has some silicon bug workarounds that Donald's
>driver hasn't.

We've been back and forth with that driver, yeah. It has its own set of
problems, sometimes it doesnt even autonegotiate properly, falls to 10 half
duplex, etc. It also seems to have gotten quite large code wise (code wise)
in the latest version (1.3.x.something) :) We dont need any of their
ans/teaming/proc stuff, but it is stable on this particular problem.

Their driver doesnt even compile out of the box on 2.2.18 btw (intel e100.c
1.3.2, latest I could find), _badudelay. I had to change one call to
mdelay, and comment out their dma_addr_t type because of the conflicting
declaration. Doesnt give me much confidence :(

>Also please note that such a subject line is not a good motivation to help
>you for free.

Sorry. It wasnt my subject though, I was replying to someone else and just
put the 'Re:' in. But I will be more careful...

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