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SubjectRe: Related VIA PCI crazyness?

On Sun, 07 Jan 2001, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> If the VIA logic for getting/setting the irq is wrong, it should only be
> a problem if there are devices that _haven't_ been routed by the BIOS.
> Usually these devices are limited to things like USB, ACPI and CardBus
> controllers, and getting the irq routing wrong in that case can be
> deadly (infinite irq streams on the wrong irq line).

hmmmm, interesting that you should mention usb in this conversation.
there's a problem with usb in smp-enabled kernels running on the via
apollo pro 133a chipset. basically, unless apic is disabled, the usb
controller (usb-uhci) doesn't get any interrupts and no usb device will
be recognized. this has existed since the early 2.4.0-test days, if not

i was talking with johannes erdfelt about this and he feels that it's a
pci irq routing problem. as of yet, we haven't been able to find anyone
who can help. we do see an occasional message on linux-usb about this
problem though.

> Could anybody with a VIA chip who has the energy please do something for
> me:
> - enable DEBUG in arch/i386/kernel/pci-i386.h
> - do a "/sbin/lspci -xxvvv" on the interrupt routing chip (it's the
> "ISA bridge" chip - the VIA numbers are 82c586, 82c596, the PCI
> numbers for them are 1106:0586 and 1106:0596, I think)
> - do a cat /proc/pci

from a follow-up post, i get the impression that this won't help with
smp-enabled systems, but if there's something similar that you think
might help solve this one, please let me know and i'll be more than
happy to oblige.


Pete Toscano
GPG fingerprint: D8F5 A087 9A4C 56BB 8F78 B29C 1FF0 1BA7 9008 2736
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