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SubjectExtraneous whitespace removal?
Well, I'll let the number speak:

$ cp -R linux-2.4.0 linux-2.4.0-trimed
$ find linux-2.4.0-trimed -type f | xargs perl -wi -pe 's/\s+$/\n/'
$ du -s linux-2.4.0 linux-2.4.0-trimed
119360 linux-2.4.0 # NOTE: 4k blocks, just an estimate
119160 linux-2.4.0-trimed

$ diff -ru linux-2.4.0 linux-2.4.0-trimed > trimed.diff
$ ls -l trimed.diff*
-rw-r--r-- 1 jmd users 19131225 Jan 8 01:49 trimed.diff
-rw-r--r-- 1 jmd users 4732306 Jan 8 01:50 trimed.diff.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 jmd users 3819235 Jan 8 01:52 trimed.diff.bz2

- clean up messy whitespace
- cut precious picoseconds off compile time
- cut kernel tree by 200k (+/- alot)

- adds 3.8M bzip2 or 4.7M gzip to next diff

- Don't actually use the above perl s// command. Instead, use
[<tab><space>] in place of the \s. The problem with \s is it
includes page breaks. I only included this one since the one with
tab isn't cut&paste-able.
- I'm not yet positive there are no other places in the tree that
aren't safe to s/[<tab><space>]+$//. C can, if formated poorly
enough, be affected by it (multiline strings not ending with \).
Can anyone very familiar with Makefile/DocBook/TeX/asm syntax
comment if they could also be potentially affected?
- Another place to save space is extraneous \n's before EOF. I think
that saves an aditional 15k or so, based on rough estimates with
- Yes, I am pretty pedantic to propose a 19M patch that doesn't *DO*

Jeremy M. Dolan <>
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