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Subject2.4.0 - small success
Hello all

Just to add a spoonful of honey to what seems to be a flood of criticism
and bug-reports on 2.4.0: installed it (final) on a P75 with an S3-Trio64
graphics card, CS4232 sound card without any problem whatsoever (apart,
perhaps, from some compile warnings - but those are supposedly due to an
UNRECOMMENDED compiler gcc-2.95.2). Modem and Zip also work fine. However,
unfortunately, my hopes that 2.4.0 will somehow miraculously allow me to
use IDE bus-mastering on PIIX did not come true:-(

Some further notes, for those interested:-) CS4232 now works as a module -
was not able to do this with 2.2.x, wvdial (SuSE's Internet dial-up
program) doesn't work without a small hack - pppd dies, because the module
ppp0 (I think), sought for by wvdial (?) no longer exists. By if you
manually load 2.4.0 ppp modules - everything works fine.

Thanks to all!

Dr. Guennadi V. Liakhovetski
Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Sheffield, U.K.

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