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SubjectRe: ramfs problem... (unlink of sparse file in "D" state)

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > > > Add UnlockPage(page) at the end of ramfs_writepage().
> > > Shit. You are quite fast. Works.
> >
> > Sure, especially considering the fact that patch was sent to
> > Linus about a month ago (several times, actually)... ;-/
> Its in all the -ac trees 8)
> BTW Al: We have another general vfs/fs problem to handle - which is exceeding
> max file sizes on limited file systems. Pretty much nobody is getting it
> right. Ext2 can be tricked to go past the limit, sys5 1k sits there emitting
> printk messages etc.

> Any objections to me putting max file size for an fs (in pages) into the
> superblock ? An fs can still implement weird rules by putting large values
> in that and doing its own checks.

Alan, it doesn't work that way. Maximal size depends on the type of object,
for one thing. Moreover, it's not always a multiple of page size, so you
still need foo_get_block() to be aware of the problem (it should return
-EFBIG). Besides, we need to take care of the situations when some of
get_block() calls fail in prepare_write() - that can happen due to other
problems. I've fixed all that stuff for ext2 (check the patches posted on
l-k after 12-pre6). We need to propagate it into other filesystems, but
I don't think that max size in pages is really worth the trouble.

I can pull these patches out of the mix and send them to you. ACK?

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