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    SubjectRe: DHCP Problems with 3com 3c905C Tornado
    Tim Wright wrote:
    > Sounds somewhat familiar. The pump that came with RedHat 6.2 never worked
    > correctly at work, but dhcpcd worked just fine (we don't have static IP
    > addresses, but there are fewer machines than there are addresses in the pool,
    > so effectively, we do :-). The odd thing is that I (mis?)understood in this
    > case that dhcpcd was not working either (unless I'm confusing this with a
    > different thread). Suffice to say that newer versions of pump seem to work
    > much better, at least for me.

    No, you're not confused. Someone did mention that dhcpcd was
    playing up.

    Obviously, something changed between 2.2.14 and more current
    kernels which broke pump. I don't believe it's a driver change
    because it also affects the 3c90x driver. I don't have a theory
    as to why this affects the 3com NICs though. But I'm assuming
    that whatever broke pump also broke dhcpcd.

    I note that with 3c59x in 2.4.0, pump-0.7.3 basically freezes up.
    It spits out a single bootp packet then goes to lunch. I got
    bored waiting after ten minutes. So an upgrade is definitely needed.

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