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SubjectRe: Change of policy for future 2.2 driver submissions
On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 10:52:48PM -0600, wrote:
> Actually, I have another reason for using patch-kernel, besides being
> inexperienced or lazy: being weird. :-) For some reason, I have an
> aversion to downloading complete kernels, and just grab the patches.
> That's usually OK, because I apply each patch one at a time, within a
> few hours after it comes out. But once in a while I mess up and have
> to start over -- like a few days ago, when I forgot to reverse
> prelease-diff before trying to apply 2.4.0-prelease-to-final. I got

You know, there are reasons why patch has an option called --dry-run...

bzcat patch-2.4.0.bz2 | patch -p1 --dry-run
[and if everything goes well]
bzcat patch-2.4.0.bz2 | patch -p1
[will be relatively painless, as the files will be cached by now...]

Is the way I usually apply patches.

Oh, and after applying a patch I always rename the directory to match
the version of the patch. This way I always know if I have to unapply
any pre-patches/test-patches/whatever.

> the kernel source tree hosed up so badly that I decided to blow it all
> away and get a clean copy. Instead of doing the sensible thing --
> getting a fresh copy of 2.4.0 -- I untarred 2.2.16 (the most recent
> tarball I had), reverse-patched it down to 2.2.8, applied
> patch-2.2.8-to-2.3.0, used patch-kernel to get up to 2.3.51, then
> applied the patches for 2.3.99-pre1 through -pre9 and 2.4.0-test1
> through -test12, and finally 2.4.0-prelease and
> 2.4.0-prerelease-to-final. Sure, it's insane, but it's not as tedious

Yup, you're one sick little puppy. Way cool :^)

> as it sounds, since I put together a script to do all this (and it
> doesn't take all that long on my Pentium III, especially if I shut
> down X first). Anyway, I've kind of been hoping that now that 2.4.0
> is out, maybe future patches will go back to the x.y.z format so I
> could just let patch-kernel do everything.

/David Weinehall
_ _
// David Weinehall <> /> Northern lights wander \\
// Project MCA Linux hacker // Dance across the winter sky //
\> </ Full colour fire </
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