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This is a little OT for linux-kernel, but I'll take a swing at it
since I'm running 2.4 and Xfree 4 with a voodoo 3.

After upgrading to Red Hat 7.0, I noticed 3D screensavers
and Quake 3 Arena were dog slow - in the end, I basically
had to make sure the mesa libs didn't get found before the
real opengl libs.

In my case, that meant nuking mesa from my system and
letting Linux use what was left, which got me back the good
accelerated performance - you may choose a less drastic
option. I don't see any breakage from the absence of mesa.

Hope this helps,


"Michael D. Crawford" wrote:

> OK, I built XFree86 4.0.2 and DRI seems to be working for me now under
> 2.4.0-ac4. (Starting with 2.4.0, it wouldn't, this is with an ATI XPert 2000
> AGP).
> BUT - although /var/log/XFree86.0.log documents the startup of DRI, DRM and AGP,
> and states the info about their initialization and stuff so that it looks like
> they're working, I don't notice any performance difference running any of the
> Mesa-3.4 demos whether or not I use DRI, and whether I run 4.0.1 or 4.0.2.
> This makes me suspect it's not really working, or else my build of the Mesa-3.4
> library wasn't configured right - but note that if I disable DRI, one of the
> Mesa demos will comment that it's not available.
> A specific example is Mesa-3.4/demos/gloss. It's a rotating textured cylinder
> that is partially reflective of what seems to be a landscape that is in front of
> the screen being reflecting back to the viewer. I get a pretty consistent 7.5
> frames per second:
> - in 4.0.1 with no DRI
> - in 4.0.1 with DRI
> - in 4.0.2 with no DRI
> - in 4.0.2 with DRI
> Having agpgart and drm/r128 compiled in or as modules also doesn't appear to
> make a difference.
> The frame rate for gloss drops to about 3.5 if I run geartrain (another demo)
> alongside it. Geartrain by itself seems to be about the same speed in all
> cases, though it doesn't report a number.
> There are a couple benchmarking tools in Mesa if someone wanted hard numbers
> from me.
> Can anyone suggest any 3D code that I can download that does more complex things
> than the mesa demos that I can test this with?
> Is my DRI really working? If not, any tips on getting it to do so?
> Mike
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> Michael D. Crawford
> GoingWare Inc. - Expert Software Development and Consulting
> Tilting at Windmills for a Better Tomorrow.
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