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SubjectRe: Change of policy for future 2.2 driver submissions

Cool! I remember reading about the --dry-run option in the patch man page once,
and thinking it would be useful, but then I forgot all about it without ever
using it. (Patch is one of those programs I've been using for so many years
that my fingers type it automatically and I never think to check out other
options.) Thanks for reminding me.

I always rename my directories to the current patchlevel, too. But in this case
it didn't help me, because I wasn't sure whether the prerelease-to-final was
supposed to be applied to 2.4.0-prerelease INSTEAD OF prerelease-diff or IN
ADDITION to it. (After all, -test1 through test-12 all had to be applied in
order, but the various -testX-pre1, -pre2, etc. patches we've seen always had to
be reversed before the next one could be applied.) Rather than take the time to
investigate, I took a guess, and obviously guessed wrong about this one. :-)


David Weinehall <> on 01/08/2001 05:07:08 AM

To: Wayne Brown/Corporate/Altec@Altec
cc: Nick Holloway <>,

Subject: Re: Change of policy for future 2.2 driver submissions

You know, there are reasons why patch has an option called --dry-run...

bzcat patch-2.4.0.bz2 | patch -p1 --dry-run
[and if everything goes well]
bzcat patch-2.4.0.bz2 | patch -p1
[will be relatively painless, as the files will be cached by now...]

Is the way I usually apply patches.

Oh, and after applying a patch I always rename the directory to match
the version of the patch. This way I always know if I have to unapply
any pre-patches/test-patches/whatever.

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