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SubjectRe: Subtle MM bug
On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Rik van Riel wrote:

> How does 2.4 perform when you add an extra GB of swap ?

OK, some more data:

First, I tried booting 2.4.0 with "nosmp" to see if the behavior I observe
is SMP related. It isn't, there was no difference under 2.4.0 between
512MB/512MB/1CPU and 512MB/512MB/2CPUs.

Second, I tried going to 2GB of swap with 2.4.0, so 512MB/2GB/2CPUs.
Again, there is no difference: as soon as swapping begins with two MAGMA
processes, interactivity suffers. I notice that while swapping in this
situation, the HD light is blinking only intermittently.

I also tried logging in to a fourth VT during this second test, and it got
nowhere. In fact, this stopped the top updates completely and the HD
light also stopped. After 30 seconds of nothing (all I could do is switch
VT's), I gave up and sent a ^Z to one MAGMA process; this eventually was
received, and the system immediately recovered.

Perhaps there is some sort of I/O starvation triggered by two swapping

Again, under 2.2.19pre6, the exact same tests yield hardly any loss of
interactivity, I can log in fine (a little slowly) during the top / two
MAGMA process test. And once swapping begins, the HD light is continually

Again, I'd be happy to do any additional tests, provide more info about my
machine, etc.


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