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SubjectRe: setfsuid on ext2 weirdness (2.4)
On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Please show them, anyway. What does "ls -ld / /etc /etc/passwd" say?

Heh... /etc and /etc/passwd were allright... but / was fscked (or not,
maybe :)

drwx--------- 500 0 both locked from other users and 500 as owner..

> 99% says that one of the three will be wrong (probably "/", because you
> probably checked the others already and overlooked root), and you'll
> feel really silly.

Dunno how that ever happened (unpacking a bad tar-ball maybe) but it's
fixed now and Linux 2.4.0 is completely without blame! :) I'm stupendously
silly but that's just normal, also, it's another warm unix experience to

Thanks for the hint!

> And hey, if you think the above is confusing, try making your /dev/null
> a regular (writable) file by mistake. Now THAT will be confusing as

Been there got the t-shirt :)


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