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SubjectRe: Adaptec 19160 Problems
So you are saying this was fixed in 2.2.18? Which distro uses that by 
default now?

We need to get the distros to come up with boot floppy images for this then
because 19160 is a very popular host adapter. Its not like its weirdo
hardware. Waiting for an updated distro is a real pain in the ass if this
can be fixed easily by just updating the boot disk images.


From: I Lee Hetherington <>
To: Jason Perlow <>
Subject: Re: Adaptec 19160 Problems
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 14:45:26 -0500

Well, 2.2.18 is newer than what Red Hat 6.2 installer uses.

You could use Ghost or Drive Image to copy things over, or if you can
mount both simultaneously (booted from IDE), you can just make your SCSI
partition and cp -a everything over. That is, everything except for
/lost+found, /proc, and any other mount points.

I agree this is ugly, but what can you do when the Red Hat (or
otherwise) install kernel doesn't really support your hardware?
I suppose it is possible to update the install kernel or specific
modules, and I think I once succeeded in doing this, but it is even


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