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Subjectblinking vga card
Hi folks,

I have following problem:
when I make big load on my PC, my monitor starts blinking in XFree 4.0.2 (precompiled binaries from, and does not stop until reboot.
It has been blinking on 4.0.0, so I upgraded to 4.0.1 and then to 4.0.2, and problem persists.
I have first tried to replace VGA card with another one. It did not help.
Then, I've tried to recompile kernel without support of APM and other problematic things - but it still persists.
I've tried to underclock RAM and CPU. No solution. It still blinks.
Because I have this problem also with XFree 3.3.x, I think that problem is in kernel. The problem does not seem to exist in Microsoft Windows 9x, so I think it is not hardware problem.

Do you have any idea where the problem may be?

I have AMD Athlon 650MHZ, 128mb ram (133mhz), Epox KX-7 with via chipset, RIVA TNT M64 with 32MB RAM. I'm using slackware-7.1 with kernel 2.2.18, patched with agpgart, stealth patch and openwall.

Thank you very much

Michal Medvecky

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