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I do believe RedHat kernels have this feature compiled in.

This is probably an typo in the email but it's /dev/ttyS0 . Note the
capital 'S'.

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Paul Powell wrote:

> Hello,
> I am running an unmodified RedHat 6.2 kernel
> (kernel version 2.2.14-5.0)
> I am trying to redirect the linux startup messages to
> the serial port. I've added the 'console=' parameter
> to my lilo.conf file. I've tried several iterations
> such as
> 'console=ttys0','console=cua0','console=ttys0,9600n8',
> etc....
> They all fail to produce any output to the serial port
> although they do remove the text from my screen. When
> I have booted RedHat I can type 'echo blah >
> /dev/cua0' and I see text output from the serial port.
> Interestingly when I try to echo to /dev/ttys0 I get
> an IO error message. I'm using a null modem cable
> connect to a windows machine to watch the serial port.
> My question: why can I see output when booted into
> RedHat but not when booting the OS? I've read that
> you have to compile this feature into the kernel.
> Does anyone know if RedHat's kernel come with this
> feature built in?


Mohammad A. Haque

"Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Project Lead
Don't drink and derive." --Unknown

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