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I am running an unmodified RedHat 6.2 kernel
(kernel version 2.2.14-5.0)

I am trying to redirect the linux startup messages to
the serial port. I've added the 'console=' parameter
to my lilo.conf file. I've tried several iterations
such as

They all fail to produce any output to the serial port
although they do remove the text from my screen. When
I have booted RedHat I can type 'echo blah >
/dev/cua0' and I see text output from the serial port.
Interestingly when I try to echo to /dev/ttys0 I get
an IO error message. I'm using a null modem cable
connect to a windows machine to watch the serial port.

My question: why can I see output when booted into
RedHat but not when booting the OS? I've read that
you have to compile this feature into the kernel.
Does anyone know if RedHat's kernel come with this
feature built in?

Your help appreciated,

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