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SubjectRe: 2.4.0 - sndstat not present
In article <> you wrote:
> i installed 2.4.0 last week and all worked well on my amd-K6-350
> i use a cheap sound card since 2.0.36 and it always worked well too.
> it work well now in 2.4.0, BUT , /dev/sndstat report me <no such file or
> directory>
> and /proc/sound (as noted in documentation) does not exist...

Please read Documentation/sound/NEWS.
Where in the documentation is /proc/sound still noted?

> the sound work well, but i cant verify the existence of the driver with
> sndstat anymore
> could someone tell me if i should have done some additionnal
> configuration to see
> appear the /proc/sound or to enable /dev/sndstat...

No - it's simply gone.

> maybe is it another method now in 2.4 to see the sound status...

cat > /dev/audio

> Best Wishes to all of you for the new year...


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