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SubjectRe: 2.2.18 and Maxtor 96147H6 (61 GB)
On Sat, 6 Jan 2001 wrote:

> > It's not that simple.. The maxtor comes clipped,. but Linux can't kill the
> > clip. So it sticks with 32 MB
> > ibmsetmax.c does a software clip, but that bugs a bit. Sometimes even
> > Linux doesn't see 61 GB, but only 32, sometimes the full capacity.
> Please don't talk vague useless garbage.
> There is no entity called "Linux". If you mean "the 2.4.0 kernel
> boot messages report 61 GB, fdisk 2.9s sees 32 GB, fdisk 2.10r sees 61 GB"
> then say so. If you mean something else, say what you mean.
> Precisely, with versions and everything.

2.2.18 sometimes sees 61 GB, sometimes 32 GB. I don't call that hard to
understand. And I don't use 2.4 on that machine, see previous posting. I
also mentined that I use 2.2.18 with Andre's IDE patches.

> Since you have a Maxtor, my old setmax should suffice for you, it can kill
> the clip, and there is no reason to use ibmsetmax.c, that is a version for
> IBM disks. There should not be any need to use other machines.
> If something changed for recent Maxtor disks, we would like to know,
> but only reliable, detailed reports are of any use.

It was probably t he BIOS of this newer machine that somehow killed the
software clip. I can't explain otherwise.

The setmax program initially gave errors, so that's why I switched to

If the vague behaviour starts appearing again I'll debug the thing. For
now I blaim the award bios :)

> Andries


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