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SubjectPROBLEM with raid5 and 2.4.0 kernel
I have been trying out the new 2.4.0 kernel and am unable to get
raid5 to work. When I install the raid5 module with
modprobe raid5
I get a segmentation fault and the following error appears in the dmesg output:

raid5: measuring checksumming speed
8regs : 806.577 MB/sec
32regs : 548.259 MB/sec
invalid operand: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<d4862b09>]
EFLAGS: 00010206
eax: d240fe88 ebx: d23f2f40 ecx: 0000000f edx: 8005003b
esi: d23f0000 edi: 0001720a ebp: 00000000 esp: d240fe80
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
Process modprobe (pid: 748, stackpage=d240f000)
Stack: 00000000 00000000 00000020 c0113cba 0000059f 000010dd 00017209 00000005
c0257424 00000286 00000001 c0257423 c0257403 00000020 d4864090
d486442d 00000224 d4864004 00000f40 d23f0000 d23f2f40 d23f0000
Call Trace: [<c0113cba>] [<d4864090>] [<d4864434>] [<d486442d>]
[<d4864004>] [<d4862aec>] [<d48640fc>]
[<d4864674>] [<d4864117>] [<d486463c>] [<d4862000>] [<d486409c>]
[<c012a0ca>] [<d4862000>] [<c01149a8>]
[<d484f000>] [<d4862060>] [<c0108d7f>]

Code: 0f 11 00 0f 11 48 10 0f 11 50 20 0f 11 58 30 0f 18 4e 00 0f

when I modprobe raid5 again no errors are reported and dmesg has the following

md driver 0.90.0 MAX_MD_DEVS=256, MD_SB_DISKS=27
md.c: sizeof(mdp_super_t) = 4096
raid5 personality registered

Of course raid5 cannot be compiled into the kernel since it also gives the
same error as above and dies.

Any ideas?

Jeffrey Forbes, Ph.D.

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